School Holidays: School Holidays List 2023

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School Holidays: In the name of school holidays, all the children jump with joy. Because when the school holidays are over, neither parents can say anything at home. Nor is there any fear of the teacher; this is why the children have a lot of fun and play freely.

Because there is no one left to speak or scold. That’s why whenever there is a school holiday or summer holiday or winter holiday, children joke fiercely. Today in this article, it will be told about School Holidays, how many holidays can be there in 2023.

Will tell that due to cold some days in January the holiday was given by the state government in every state, now the holiday is over. Board exams are going to start soon in all schools. After the end of the board exam, all the students can get leave from 1 month to 2 months. In which all the students can have a lot of fun. Till now the board exam of any state has not started.

All state board exams will start from next month. And after the completion of the exam, some classes will be discharged. After that, the exam of small class will also be taken, and those people will also be given leave for a few days.

school holidays

Recently, there will be no holiday in any school. Because soon all board exams are going to start, and small class exams will also be started. As you all know that whenever the board exam starts, no leave is given before that.

After the end of the board exam, a few days leave is given in every school, after that the class of the new season is started again. And after that summer vacation is given for 25 days Hari school has different rules. About 25 days leave is given in government school. Private schools do holidays according to their wish.

School Holidays: School Holidays List 2023

list of school holidays 2023

There will be many school holidays in 2023 as are many national festivals. will be discharged on that day. After that summer vacation and winter vacation are separated. And whatever Sunday is, all Sundays are given in all schools. There are 52 Sundays in a year and 52 days off will be given. As given below are some school holiday holiday list which you all can see-


  • 26 January – Republic Day – Thursday
  • 05 February – Mohd. Hazrat Ali Birthday – Sunday
  • February 18 – Mahashivaratri – Saturday
  • March 07 – Holika Dahan – Tuesday
  • 08 March – Holi – Wednesday
  • March 30 – Ram Navami – Thursday
  • 04 April – Mahavir Jayanti – Tuesday
  • PApril 07 – Good Friday – Friday
  • April 14 – Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Birthday – Friday


  • April 22 – Eid ul Fitr – Saturday
  • 05 May – Buddha Purnima – Friday
  • June 29 – Bakrid – Thursday
  • July 29 – Moharram – Saturday
  • 15 August Independence Day – Tuesday –
  • August 31 – Rakshabandhan – Thursday
  • 07 September – Janmashtami – Thursday
  • September 28 – Baravfat – Thursday
  • 02 October – Gandhi Jayanti – Monday


  • October 23 – Mahanavami – Monday
  • October 24 – Vijayadashami – Tuesday
  • November 12 – Diwali – Sunday
  • November 13 – Govardhan Puja – Monday
  • November 15 – Bhaiya Duj / Chitragupt Jayanti – Wednesday
  • November 27 – Guru Nanak Jayanti / Kartik Purnima – Monday
  • December 25 – Christmas – Monday

When are school holidays given?

Every Sunday is a holiday in all schools. After that, there are all the national holidays or estate holidays. Holidays are also given on that day, like Holi, Diwali, Chhath etc. All schools have summer vacation after that. is given separately and winter leave is also being given.

The final examination ends in all schools, only then a few days leave is given to all schools and colleges. In this way, the children get a long holiday, which they take advantage of by having fun, like recently a winter holiday was given in which all the children were playing a lot even in the cold.

In the same way, when summer vacation is given, even at that time, they like to sit, talk or play anything.

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