LPG Gas Cylinder Price Today News: Heavy Fall In Gas Cylinder Prices

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LPG Gas Cylinder Price Today News: Fluctuations in the prices of LPG gas cylinders are always seen. This time also ups and downs are being seen. The price of gas is different in every state, the name of commercial gas is different. And the price of domestic cylinder is different, more people use cylinder than domestic. The price of gas cylinder is more everyday, it will be told what is LPG Gas Cylinder Price Today News.

Tell that the price of gas cylinder varies in every city, if we talk about it, ₹ 1053 will have to be paid for the domestic gas cylinder of Delhi. If Patna is 1151, then for Jaipur you will have to pay ₹ 1056, Mumbai’s current price is ₹ 1052. of a gas cylinder. At present, all of you can contact your nearest gas agency to know the price of gas cylinder. There you will be told today’s price.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Today News

Domestic gas cylinder price in metros – (14.2 kg)

1053 for 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinder in Delhi. 1052.50 for 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinder in Mumbai. The price of 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinder in Kolkata is Rs.1079. At present, there has been a huge decline in commercial gas. Because every time a difference of ₹ 200 is seen on the comment, and a difference of ₹ 10 is seen on domestic gas, sometimes a difference of 50.

There will be a difference in the price of domestic gas cylinders in every city or state. If you are from Kolkata then you will have to pay ₹ 1079 only then you will get a gas cylinder, if you are from Kanpur then you will have to pay ₹ 1068. For the people of Hyderabad, a price of Rs 1105 has been kept for this gas cylinder.

Many people had expected that there could be a huge fall in the prices of gas cylinders. This time in the budget. But nothing has been changed in such a way that the gas was not available before. Not that much is being received even now, so all of you leave the hope of it, the information about how much it will be less or how much it will cost has not been told by the government yet.

Soon the new rate will be issued, after which information will be given to all of you. For more information, all of you should contact your nearest gas agency, there you can get correct information, how much gas cylinder is costing in your city today.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Today News: Heavy Fall In Gas Cylinder Prices

When will the subsidy on LPG gas cylinder be available?

When will the subsidy on LPG gas cylinder be available? Its information has not yet been taken by the government. Ever since the subsidy has stopped, the general public is looking very upset. Repeatedly demand from the government that the subsidy money should be sent again to the bank accounts, then tell everyone that till now the government has not made any announcement, it is expected that before the coming elections, the government will decide about the subsidy. Can make announcement.

Money will not be sent to your accounts until the same is done. If the subsidy is announced by the government, then money will start being sent to your bank account. Whenever you take a connection from a gas agency, you must link your bank account with the gas connection, because when this subsidy money is sent, money will come into your account.

If the subsidy is demanded from the government on a large scale, then the subsidy money can come back to your accounts. At present, no one knows whether the subsidy money will be received or not. As soon as any announcement is made, then all of you Information will be given, for more information must read the newspaper everyday. LPG Gas Cylinder Price Today News. 

Gas price details in some states

At present, a cylinder is generally available in Rajasthan for around Rs.1050. In such a situation, from April 1, 2023, families of these two categories will be able to get gas cylinders at less than half the cost. Political discussions have also started after the new announcement of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

UP LPG Price Today: Oil marketing companies announced a reduction in the prices of commercial cylinders of 19 kg on Saturday i.e. 1 October 2022. After a drop of Rs 32 in the price of Indane gas cylinder, on October 1, the price of LPG cylinder will be Rs 1962 in UP.

At the same time, commercial cylinder will be available in Mumbai for Rs 1696 instead of Rs 1844. LPG cylinder will be available in Chennai for Rs.1893. Earlier it was available for Rs 2009.50.

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