Gold Silver Price Today News: Heavy fall in gold and silver prices

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Gold Silver Price Today News: Gold and silver are the most favorite ornaments of Indian women. And Indian people like it very much. Everyday ups and downs are seen in gold and silver. Even now there is an increase or decrease in the prices of gold. Today in this article Gold Silver Price Today News will be told. Let us all know what is the current price of gold and silver. That’s why all of you must read this post till the end.

Explain that the purest gold is of 24 carat, in which 100% gold is found. But what people wear is not hundred percent gold. Because copper is also mixed in it, without copper it is difficult to make a kaha. That’s why copper is mixed in it. The gold sold in the market is of 22 carats in the form of a song.

In which two copper is mixed, in the same way many types of gold prices are seen in the market, in which 18 grams of gold, 6 grams of copper, 20 grams of gold, 4 grams of copper are made in this way.

Gold Silver Price Today News

Today, the price of 24 carat gold in the country has decreased by 0.07% i.e. about Rs 40 per 10 grams to reach 57,010. While the price of 22 carat gold has gone up to Rs 52,220 per 10 grams. However, gold is still trading above its all-time high. Gold has increased by 0.24% i.e. Rs 134 per 10 grams to reach 56792 on the Multi Commodity Exchange. At the same time, the price of silver has increased by 0.16% today.

On the Multi Commodity Exchange, silver is trading close to Rs 68633 per kg with an increase of Rs 86. Now the wedding season is coming, due to which the prices of gold and silver may increase, last month there was a huge fall in the prices of gold and silver. And it will bounce again, and the price will increase. For more information, you can call the toll free number and find out what is the rate of gold today.

Gold Silver Price Today News: Heavy fall in gold and silver prices

Gold Silver Price Today News 2023

As you all know that the new year has started. And in this, there is a lot of boom in gold and silver, and sometimes a decline is also seen. You will get to see the ups and downs in the prices of gold and silver every day. That’s why don’t worry if the price of gold and silver is useful, then you must buy gold and silver.

Because in today’s time it is not very necessary to exchange gold and silver. This is because you also have an asset, you can change it later. In such a situation, it is very important to bring Lakshmi in the house from the market.

Let us tell you that 24 carat gold is considered to be the purest (99.9 percent). 24K gold is used to make gold coins and bars. No other metal is mixed in it, while 22 carat gold is considered better for making jewelry. 22 parts gold and two parts silver, nickel or any other metal are used to make 22 carat gold jewelry. It has been told above that jewelery is made from 22 carat gold in which 2 carat amba is mixed.

24 carat gold rate in four Cities 

There was a big rise in gold in the bullion market on Friday, while silver was seen trading at Thursday’s closing price. This information is of 27 January. Talking about the price of 24 carat gold, the price of 10 grams of gold in Delhi bullion, market is Rs.57,420/-, Mumbai bullion, market is Rs.57,270/-, Kolkata bullion, market is Rs.57,270/- and Chennai bullion, market is Rs.58,310/- Doing trade.

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