Airtel New Recharge Plan 2023: Everything Free in Airtel New Plan ₹479

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Airtel New Recharge Plan 2023: In today’s time, Airtel is coming up with a new plan every day because there are more customers for Airtel recharge, and repeatedly demand from the company that a cheaper plan should be brought, keeping in mind all of you, Airtel company Giving good news to all of you, today we will try to tell you through this article that what are the benefits available in Airtel New Recharge Plan 2023? And which is the cheapest benefit?

Tell that the telecom company is bringing new plans everyday. Due to this, the user is getting a lot of help. And it looks good too, and everyone around her new plan is in ruins. And it is also being seen in Airtel that if you are an Airtel user. And if you are recharging every month, you are also getting a subscription to Hotstar Amazon. That’s why one has become very popular. And everyone is running towards Airtel, there is only one in this recharge. 839 for 84 days, 2GB per day, along with other benefits will be available, which are all given in the recharge.

Airtel New Recharge Plan 2023

To take advantage of the Airtel recharge plan, first of all you have to download the Airtel Thanks app. Where the format of all recharge has been given, whoever wants to recharge. Its benefits have been told over there. If you want to recharge only for net then you can do that also or want to do only for calls and sms. You can do that too or you should get everything, you can charge for that too. In this way, many plans have been launched by Airtel, plans have been given for 1 month and 2 months. You can also charge all for 3 months for 1 year.

If you recharge for ₹ 479, you will get 1.5 GB per day net and 100 SMS per day for 56 days. After that you will get to see more benefits here. So this recharge is very good for you. You all can. Airtel has come a long way in terms of recharge, and many people are liking it. If you are also an Airtel user, then definitely recharge this plan once.

Airtel ₹ 999 Recharge – As you all know that along with Airtel, you are also being given subscription of OTT platform. If you recharge for ₹ 990, then you will get 2.5 GB net per day, 100 sms. Will be given daily. Along with this, you can get to see all five more benefits. Like Amazon prime membership will be given to you for 84 days and you are getting net for 84 days only. With that, you can subscribe to two more OTT platforms.

After that you fast all, then ₹ 100 cashback will also be delivered to you, so this new plan of Airtel is quite peaceful. Must have taken advantage of it once for the user, there are many Airtel plans. It is better to tell that all of you can check it by downloading the Airtel Thanks app.

Airtel New Recharge Plan 2023: Everything Free in Airtel New Plan ₹479

Airtel is number one in terms of network

If we talk about the network, then Airtel is coming out ahead in this matter. Competition is being seen again and again in Airtel and Jio, in which Airtel’s network is very good and there is a lot of benefit in talking too. Along with that, the net is also running very fast in this. That’s why most of the users are liking Airtel in every area. Do comment in the comment what is your choice. Airtel New Recharge Plan 2023.

Airtel ₹ 2,999 Recharge Plan – If you take an Airtel plan of ₹ 2990 in future. So all of you will be given free unlimited calls in this for 1 year. 2GB per day net for 365 days will also be available for free 100 s.m.s. Along with this, more benefits are being seen here, for which all of you will be given back to back. This is the best recharge in ₹ 365 recharge, definitely try it once.

If there is any problem, then all of you must call the customer care once and get complete information. Because there very good information will be given to all of you. That’s why definitely call there once and recharge only after getting the complete information. Because this will save you from changing your wrong plan.

How to download Airtel Thanks App?

  • To download the Airtel Thanks app, first go to the Play Store.
  • After that search airtel thanks in search field.
  • After that Airtel Thanks app will appear at the top, click on it.
  • After that download that app.
  • And by opening it, you can do whatever you want to recharge from there.

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