Airtel Free Recharge: Airtel is giving 1 months free recharge to everyone

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Airtel Free Recharge: Airtel customers are very high in India. And Airtel is currently the number one welcome company. Whose customers are many crores of people. And its network also works well. Meanwhile, Airtel is going to give a great news for all the customers.

According to sources, it is being told and is becoming viral on social media very fast, that Airtel company can give 3 months free recharge to all mobile recharge customers. Till now the official announcement related to this has not been made, official announcement can be made soon. For information about Airtel Free Recharge, definitely read this post till the end.

Airtel Free Recharge

Talking about Indian Airtel Telecom Company feature related updates, it is being told that Airtel is one of the most popular company in India. Whose network works very well, many are porting to Airtel from other company. Due to which the number of Airtel customers is increasing day by day.

For information related to Airtel Free Recharge, all of you have to download Airtel Thanks App. In which it can be told that 3 months free recharge can be given to the new customer. In which the company is giving 1.5 GB data per day apart from outgoing incoming calls. To take advantage of this, you have to get information by visiting the official website of Airtel.

At present airtel free recharge so no such plan is available on airtel thanks app. But the new user is getting free recharge for a few days. That is, if you take a new SIM card now, you can get recharge for one or two or 3 months. Or you port from any other company to Airtel. Only then all of you can get the benefit of free net and calling and SMS for a few days.

Airtel Free Recharge Latest Update

Airtel currently does not have any 3 months free recharge plan. A lot of such news is being seen on social media that click on this link for Airtel’s 3 months plan. From where you will get everything free for 84 days including net calling and sms. Can get the benefit of. But any such plan is Airtel Mobile Thanks but it is not there. That’s why all of you click on any such link, otherwise your data can be stolen. And bank details can also be shared. Airtel Free Recharge. 

So don’t click on any link. As soon as any official announcement is made, information related to Airtel recharge will be given. Currently, for 84 days, a recharge of ₹ 719 will have to be done, in which 1.5 GB data will be available per day. and 100 sms. Can be sent everyday and calling will be free for 84 days. Those who like this plan, you all can recharge from any payment app, or you can also recharge from there by downloading Airtel Mobile Thanks app.

Airtel ₹ 299 Recharge Plan: Airtel currently has many such plans, which you will have to pay money only then you can get its benefit. If you do a recharge of ₹299 currently or in future. For Airtel, you can send 2GB data per day for 28 days, calling for 28 days and 100 SMS everyday for 28 days. You can get all these benefits.

Along with this, more inn offers will be available in which benefits can be found in Apollo 24×7 circle. If you can get free hello tune then you can get all these benefits. If you are recharging Airtel mobile of ₹ 299, then definitely recharge this plan.

Many many congratulations from the company to all the people who use Airtel sim, we are not the company’s people, yet we have written a post on Airtel, so a congratulation is made.

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