8th Pay Commission: Very good news for central employees

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8th Pay Commission: The government always gives good news regarding the central employees. Presently all center employees are demanding 8th pay commission. And there is a demand for its implementation on a large scale. There has been a demand for many years that the 8th Pay Commission should be implemented soon. In this article, 8th Pay Commission will be discussed.

At present, all the central employees are demanding the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission on a large scale. But till now the government is not fulfilling their demand. It is being told that after the coming Lok Sabha elections, it can be introduced in the Parliament. After that it can also be implemented after 2 years of formation. So far no major announcement related to this has been made.

Only it is being demanded on a large scale on social media that it should be implemented as soon as possible. It is expected that after the next Lok Sabha elections, the demand for its implementation will intensify further. And the government will have to accept it. After which the formation will be done and in the coming 2 years the talk of implementing it will also start going on. After which all central employees can be given money through the Eighth Pay Commission.

8th Pay Commission

At present, all central employees are being given salary through the Seventh Pay Commission. In which dearness allowance is always being increased. Due to which all the central employees are very happy. This government is saying this because the demand for the 8th Pay Commission is going on. That can be avoided for a few days now. Because in the coming few days again 4% dearness allowance will be increased by the Seventh Pay Commission.

After which 46% dearness allowance, why not all the employees will start getting it. Because at present we are getting 42%. Recently a few days ago it was increased by 4% as 38% dearness allowance was being received in January this year. Which has been increased by 4% to 42%. If it increases further by 4% in July, then all central employees will start getting this 46% dearness allowance.

After that the employees will again start demanding the formation of 8th Pay Commission. If the 8th Pay Commission is constituted by the government. And if it is implemented, then after a few days, the central employee will be given a very high salary. Because the salary is being received in the Seventh Pay Commission. Salary will be given many percent more than that in the 8th Pay Commission. This will give very good news to the employee.

8th Pay Commission: Very good news for central employees

When can the Eighth Pay Commission be constituted?

It has not even been announced when the Eighth Pay Commission will be constituted. According to sources, it is being told that after the elections to the Lok Sabha, it can be introduced in the Parliament. After that it will be demanded to be implemented. If passed in the Parliament and implemented, then it will be implemented in the whole country. And all central employees will start getting salary through this. It may take two-three years to process all this.

Because it is being said in the media right now many opposition parties are demanding its implementation. And all the central employees all over the country are also demanding to constitute it soon. Now let’s see what steps the government takes on this.

How much will be the salary after the 8th pay commission is implemented?

After the implementation of Asha Salary, how much salary will be received cannot be estimated. Because the government will implement it, all the things are determined and implemented. Because money is also increased from time to time, that’s why one bike more money cannot be given to all central employees.

That’s why the government keeping all the accounts. It is being developed that as much money is being received at present like the Seventh Pay Commission. Will get much more than that and will be increased from time to time in the same way as dearness allowance is increased or salary is increased.

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