7th Pay Commission New Salary: Very good news for central employees

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7th Pay Commission New Salary: Very good news is being seen by the Modi government for the central employees. Again unemployment allowance has been increased to all central employees. Now all the employees will get salary with the new payment which has been increased, so all the employees are very happy. In this article, 7th Pay Commission New Salary will be told.

Let us tell you that for the central employees, relief has been given again in the language of dearness allowance i.e. DA and pensioner. Now the pensioner’s RD has been increased by 4%. And the dearness allowance of the central employees has also been increased by four percent.

It has now increased to 42%. Now the new salary that will be received can be increased. We had already told that the Lok Sabha elections are going to be held next year. And before the election, all the central employees can get a big gift, the same big gift has been given by the Modi government. And the salary of all central employees has been increased. All central employees and their families are looking very happy.

7th Pay Commission New Salary

During the central government, all central employees are given an increase in salary every year, an increase in dearness allowance or an increase in pensioner’s dearness allowance. Since when the Seventh Pay Commission has been constituted. After that every year the salary is increased through it. Whenever the salary is increased by the central government, the government also wants it.

That the salary of our state employees should also be increased. And they can be given good salary so that they do good work. And be able to take care of your family well, suppose a central employee is given a basic salary of ₹ 30500 per month, then the employees will get dearness allowance in terms of 38%. But the dearness allowance which has been increased by 4% now, by increasing it, will now get dearness allowance for ₹ 42 from today.

That is, now all central employees will be given dearness allowance of ₹ 9870, in which ₹ 940 has been increased. In this way, the salary of all the central employees has increased, the salary which has been done by the central government, then the central government would like it. How to recover it, then you tell everyone that the central government will increase the price a little bit on everything. As the price of petrol will increase, the price of gas cylinder will increase, in this way the work of the government also goes on.

7th Pay Commission New Salary: Very good news for central employees

Has the dearness allowance of central employees been increased, which will provide relief from inflation?

Now the dearness allowance which has been increased to the central employee. The annual expenditure on this British Government is going to be huge. According to sources, it is being told that the government exchequer will be affected by 12815 crores annually whenever the dearness allowance or salary of the government employee is increased. So there is a huge impact on the government exchequer. Yet the government somehow continues to push it forward.

Dearness allowance has been increased to how many central employees and pensioners

At present, the dearness allowance of central employees has been increased by 4%, earlier it was 38%, now it has increased to 42%. By which the salary will be given to the employee for all, currently for 5200000 employees are working in India. And more than 60 lakh passers will get the benefit of salary. And it is said to be started from next month itself. By adding the increased salary of us, the next salary should come in everyone’s accounts.

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